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A good frog is a frog published!

After years of producing literary translations which for some reason or other never found their way to the printer's, it seems 2015 may be the year when the translating frog goes literary "for real"!

First, a beautiful Breton literary and artistic review has published my translation of Ernest Dowson's Apple Blossom in Brittany, a beautifully crafted short story set in 19th-century Brittany. Hopala! N°46, Septembre-Novembre 2014, pp.52-61

Better still, the famous French publishing house, Larousse, has kindly asked me to contribute to their bilingual whodunnit/thriller collection, Yes you can! This unusually perilous exercise consists in taking a French-speaking reader by the hand, by identifying hard-to-understand nuggets of meaning and translating them *in context*. Want to know more? Donna Tart's new worldwide best-seller, Goldfinch, is expected to be out as a Yes you can! number by the end of this year.

Riveting stuff...

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